Palliative Care & Urgent Care Services

Palliative care is what we do to immediately get you out of pain. Here at Dental Care 24/7, we work with our medical team at Urgent Care 24/7 (just downstairs!) to get you out of pain within 30 minutes from the start of your exam! Our medical team is also here to make sure your medical needs are being met before you get dental work done. We assess and, if necessary, treat blood pressure, blood sugar levels, pain and/or infection, and more!


If your tooth is infected or broken down to the point of no repair, or even if your orthodontist refers you for an extraction before you get braces, we are here to help. Don’t wait until the last second! Let us see you and remove sources of infection and inflammation from your mouth.

Root Canals & Partial Root Canals

If your tooth is infected or is hurting but is not so broken down that it can be fixed and rebuilt to a complete tooth again, a root canal is your best option! This procedure gets you numb and removes the dead or dying nerve and infection from your tooth before being restored.

Treatment of tooth infections

When you come in and are seen by the doctor, we will treat the source of your infection, whether the tooth needs to be extracted or the nerve needs to be taken out of the tooth to get you out of pain and clear the infection.

Urgent Care services

Here at Dental Care 24/7, we work with the medical team at Urgent Care 24/7 to make sure your medical needs are being met before you get dental work done. We assess blood pressure, blood sugar levels, pain levels, and more!

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Teeth chip or fracture for various reasons, whether it be from trauma, grinding or clenching your teeth, large fillings, or decay. Sometimes teeth fracture down to the root and need to be extracted and replaced. Other times, they just need a root canal or a filling or crown. We will assess your needs with an x-ray and restore the tooth so you can leave with a smile!

Lost or loose crowns

If your crown came off or is loose, we will assess the cause of the issue and treat as needed. Don’t go long with your crown being loose! This is not normal and needs to be fixed.

Lost or broken teeth due to trauma

If your tooth came out from being hit or falling, place it in Hanks balanced storage medium, saline, or milk, whatever is available, and immediately come in to see us. We will assess whether or not we can reimplant, and treat as needed.

Broken dentures or partials

We repair or replace broken dentures and partials. Whether it is a denture tooth that came off or chipped, or the whole denture fractured, we are here to help!

Dental Care 24/7 Near Me

Conveniently located in Centennial Park, across from World Of Coke. 


    Dental Care 24/7 Testimonials

    Excellent service
    Nzinga Eduardo
    Nzinga Eduardo
    21:08 22 Nov 19
    IMPECCABLE service!I've heard nothing but amazing things about this place, trying it out for myself was by far the best decision. Greeted with a smile! The Front Desk service was comforting, with outstanding customer service and the knowledge given to me was very helpful. Once I was in the care of Dr. Ron, I felt very at ease. He explained everything greatly. The extraction went perfectly, no pain and I was out within a very timely matter. Pricing was very reasonable. It was a all around very accommodating experience. Especially considering that I came in after more
    Jasmine Nichole
    Jasmine Nichole
    18:00 16 Sep 19
    Extremely caring and made me feel at ease even when I was in the worst pain of my life.
    Shelby Ridgely
    Shelby Ridgely
    05:16 19 Aug 19
    Service took a little while but very clear and up front with pricing! Procedure feels professional and dentists are very nice and energetic! I would recommend cancelling your lame dental insurance and just pay cash here.
    The Truth Is Hard
    The Truth Is Hard
    06:23 01 Aug 19
    Did amazing , came in with a bad pain from root canal and got immediately attended. I highly recommended!!! (:
    Marleny Mateo
    Marleny Mateo
    04:20 20 May 19
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    Dental Care 24/7 Centennial Park is a full service walk in emergency dental care. Emergency dental care is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Appointments are not required but are available for your convenience.

    Whether you are a resident or visiting Atlanta, we are here to take care of your emergency dental needs. We pride ourselves on being able to offer personalized emergency & general dental care, treating a variety of dental care needs. Anytime you have a dental need, Dental Care 24/7 Centennial Park is here to help. Let us help you keep smiling!